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Sélectionné par nos experts
Réductions jusqu'à -40%
Livraison 5,90€
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Sélectionné par nos experts
Réductions jusqu'à -40%
Livraison 5,90€
Retour gratuit
Garantie bouchon
 Mystery Tasting Box 2, , ,

Mystery Tasting Box 2

With 3 live sessions

Ce vin peut être de nouveau disponible en quantités limitées. Voulez-vous être informé quand?

Mystery Tasting Box: 6 wines, 6 surprises, 3 unique community-driven virtual tastings

‼️The wines will not be packaged "blind", so if you want to taste blind, do not open the box yourself, but ask someone else ‼️ See below for more details...

This box contains 6 mystery wines for blind tasting to surprise yourself at home. You can also attend our online sessions to learn how to taste wines in a more systematic way, just for fun or out of interest, or to prepare for blind tasting tests (e.g. WSET).

The wines will be tasted and analysed during live sessions in the next few weeks, in a first-of-its-kind community tasting in which everyone can actively participate and provide input. This is a great and fun way to practise your tasting skills during this downtime where we cannot attend wine events. Join us, and find out how you compare to other tasters!

Bellow, you will find a list of the wines, but if you want to taste them blind (not strictly needed but highly recommended), we suggest NOT to look at this list and provide it to someone in your household who can choose and pour the wines for you so you can taste them fully blind.

All sessions are guided by Peter Arijs and Stijn Verleyen, both WSET Diploma graduates and wine educators at SYNTRA and WineWise.


Important extra information

If you want to taste the wines blind (= without knowing what they are), ask someone in your household to open the right wines for each session out of the box and pour them for you. The wines will not be packaged "blind", so do not open the box if you do not want to discover the wines! Tasting the wines blind is not compulsory, since we will spend most of the time on describing and analysing wines rather than guessing what they are it is, but it is highly recommended. Tasting a wine without previous knowledge will allow you to assess it in an unbiased way, and at the end you can also try to take a fun guess at what the wine is!

Please make sure you have the wines in your glass before the session starts! We will taste a white and red wine in each session. Please make sure the white wine (1, 3 and 5) is cooled in advance.

Below you will find the list of wines, so you can forward this list to someone in your household to prepare the right wines for each session. ⬇️🙈

WARNING: Only scroll down to the next page if you want to know the wines in advance!

List of wines:

Session 1: Monday 1/06

Wine #1: 2018 Chablis, Domaine de Malandes

Wine #2: 2018 Carmenère Reserva, In Situ

Session 2: Monday 8/06

Wine #3: 2019 Lirac Blanc Roc-Epine, Domaine Lafond

Wine #4: 2015 Primogénito Malbec, Bodega Patritti

Session 3: Monday 15/06

Wine #5: 2017 Tuffo, Damien Pinon

Wine #6: 2018 Crozes-Hermitage, Yann Chave